TechRaptor Originals

TechRaptor publishes a large range of reviews, news, and articles – but TechRaptor Originals are the articles you’ll only find on TechRaptor. Below, you’ll find each of our Original series of articles, covering something a little different under every banner.

All About the 6 Playable Characters from Children of Morta

Children of Morta has been out for a few days now, and a whole bunch of people have

Crowdfunding Spotlight - Solasta: Crown of the Magister

Trying to emulate the tabletop experience in video games has always been very hit or miss.

Screenshot Survey: Just Like the Classics

It's Saturday once more. It's a great day to sit back, relax, play some video games, and of course look at some cool indies highlighted during Twitter's #ScreenshotSaturday.

Screenshot Survey: Crouching Foxes, Hidden Monsters

It's Saturday, the perfect day to finally get around to mowing the lawn, assembling that life-size replica of Optimus Prime, or beginning your six-month trek to Mordor.

The 6 Coolest Mobile Games We Saw at Play NYC 2019

Play NYC 2019 wasn't just about PC and console games; there were plenty of mobile games there as well. Some of these were exclusively mobile, but others were multiplatform affairs.

Coverage Club: Alluris Swipes Just Right

Some games win you with their pitch alone. Alluris’ – quite simply that you’re playing a fantasy Oregon Trail with the gameplay of Tinder – grabbed me immediately.

Crowdfunding Spotlight - Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Less than a year ago, Greg Lobanov impressed us with the musical platforming adventure game Wanders

KekRaptor: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Have “1v1 Me Bro!!!” Game Mode

The upcoming Call of Duty promises to be yet another soft reboot of the franchise.

The 6 Coolest PC Games We Saw at Play NYC 2019

Play NYC 2019 wrapped up last weekend, and the TechRaptor team went all-in on covering everything we could!

Screenshot Survey: Massive Explosions, Skating Birds

Welcome back to the best day of the week. That's right, it's Saturday. That means we all get to kick back, relax, and enjoy some video games.

Coverage Club: Roombo And The Thousand Moons

This week on Coverage Club, we've got a doubleheader of indie games, both played and covered by our own William Worrall.

Crowdfunding Spotlight – Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels

When Shovel Knight developers Yacht Club Games released their original Kickstarter back in 2013, it amassed a staggering $311 thousand dollars.

Screenshot Survey: Enter the Carpet Dragon

Happy Saturday, everyone. Or rather, happy Screenshot Survey! That's right, every Saturday at TechRaptor we look at some cool games on Twitter using the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag.

Coverage Club: Claw Staff Misses the Mark

Claw Staff is a platformer that's all about a specialized staff with a claw on the end of it.

Coverage Club : Between The Stars Blasts Off Into Fun

There's something magical about captaining your own ship as it sails through the universe.

Screenshot Survey: Deathly Vehicles

It's Saturday, and that means it's time for another Screenshot Survey. Every week, we take a look at a few cool new games in the works by game developers Tweeting with #ScreenshotSaturday.

Coverage Club: 80 Days and Hundreds of Questionable Decisions

Let's lay a ground rule for 80 Days: what happens in Hong Kong stays in Hong Kong. We all make mistakes.

Bullet Points: Nowhere Prophet's Indofuturism

The world of Nowhere Prophet takes a lot of inspiration from India, where lead developer Martin Nerurkar spent some time.

Screenshot Survey: Killer Goose

Welcome back to another Screenshot Survey, where we take a look at some cool indie titles in development by designers across the globe.

Dark Narrative: Doofuses, Drunks, and Boneheads – The Humorous Guards of Thief

Thief’s City is not a world of good guys and bad guys. It’s hard to know who is right, if anyone at all. But there are relatable, common people: the guards.

Coverage Club: LISA: The Painful Will Break You

It's the closest thing I can think of to post-apocalyptic perfection.

Bullet Points: Final Fantasy X's Endgame

There's nothing better than sitting down and enjoying a long game—interesting characters, a complicated storyline, and more fantastic sights and monsters than you can shake a blitzball at.

Screenshot Survey: The Unreal and Surreal

It's another Screenshot Survey, which means it's time to look at another batch of the latest indie games in development.