TechRaptor Originals

TechRaptor publishes a large range of reviews, news, and articles – but TechRaptor Originals are the articles you’ll only find on TechRaptor. Below, you’ll find each of our Original series of articles, covering something a little different under every banner.

Screenshot Survey: Attack Of The Beardmen

It is the middle of August, and AAA games are scheduled to arrive and overtake gamer's attention spans any day now.

To The Green: Mad Snowboarding

I am a man of simple tastes. Give me something intriguing with arcade gameplay and I won't be bored. The creators of Mad Snowboarding have gone above and beyond this call.

Screenshot Survey: Fish Slapping Snowmen

We are at that lovely time of year where it feels like the time has flown by, but then you stop and think about it.

First Person Saturday – Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

I really miss World War II shooters.

Playing Roles: The Philosophy of Design

One of the strangest parts of tabletop culture is the preference to game design, the mechanics that more or less make up the bulk of the game experience.

Screenshot Survey: Colorful Kingdoms

This week on the Screenshot Survey, we take a look at a collection of games that impressed me with their vibrant visuals, even more vibrant than I've seen in most weeks.

To The Green – Super Man Or Monster

Rampage is one of those classic games that was killed off due to the end of arcade, although not for lack of trying.

Screenshot Survey: Grappling With Ghosts

It is a mere matter of hours before another Summer Games Done Quick begins in earnest, so that can only mean it's also time to come back to the Screenshot Survey and get it out for this week.

First Person Saturday – Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike

Rogue Shooter is a simple game with a simple premise.

To The Green – MacGuffin

In the few short years since games such as Gone Home and Dear Esther have come into vogue, we have learned a lot about the limits of an interactive experience.

To The Green: Dark Flame

Greenlight mockery has become a bit of its own field on some places lately—the low barrier for entry does definitely invite some of that by allowing anyone to submit a game to it with a $100 donati

To The Green – Rogue Invader

It has come to this at the end of the great war. Humanity can only send down one ship, with one man and that is you.

Screenshot Survey: Tridents and Turnips

Batman may be broken and recalled on PC, but at least we have indie games and developers working hard to deliver functional

Playing Roles: On Choice and Consequence

Note: The following editorial contains spoilers. You have been warned.

To The Green – Walkerman

As E3 coverage is all winding down, it’s a chance to get back to the schedule of normality, and I’ve now been able to get the chance to return to To The Green  by cowriting it with Alex Santa Maria

Screenshot Survey: Sword And A Haircut

We did it! We survived E3 2015.