Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Headphone Review

Published: Monday, August 5, 2013 - 09:00 | By: Past TechRaptor Authors

When thinking about how to listen to any media these days, there are many options available, from 5.1 or 7.1 surround, to stereo speakers, an iPod dock, or even headphones. Headphones come in many styles for many different types of consumers. The DT 770 Pros by Beyerdynamic are as good of a solution for the casual home listener as they are for a studio recorder. Overall, they are a very decent pair of headphones for the price you are paying. In this review, I will be looking specifically at the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, 80 ohm, model.


Overall, the DT 770 Pro is a very good pair of headphones, and are particularly good for a few different uses. They are pretty bass heavy headphones, which makes them quite good for watching films or playing video games with. This also makes them a good choice to listen to various types of music on, in primarily popular genres. They are a closed back headphone, which makes them great for recording studio musicians, so whatever prelay or click track they are listening to doesn't bleed into their microphone.


Frequency Response:

These headphones have a lot of bass in the frequency response with a lot of high end, the mids are lacking quite a bit in comparison. This could mean a few things for the consumer: they are great for films and video games, and generally any audio-visual media; however, they are not particularly a good choice for an audio mixing engineer. They also would not be a good choice to listen to certain types of music on; for instance: orchestral or classical music, or various popular genres (such as singer-songwriter styles) where vocals are at the foreground. That being said, they would be quite a good choice for listening to certain electronic, rock, or hip-hop styles.

When listening to acoustic singer-songwriter music, sibilance can be a big problem because of the boosted high frequencies, every vocal "ss" sound is a little jarring, and can be pretty unpleasant. This is accentuated even more so, because the mids are quite low in comparison, which is where a lot of the voice sits. Also, when listening to classical music, especially one that features a solo instrument, the solo instrument can sound a bit thin. A bit more thicker of orchestration is a little better, but can still sound slightly thin with those mids being quieter.

Listening to jazz on the DT 770s is not too bad. Everything for the most part is relatively balanced. If there is a piano in the ensemble, it could sound a little thin, but overall it's not bad. When it comes to rock, it seems to fit pretty well, the issue is that the vocals aren't as present as the bass, guitar, and drums; but apart from that, it sounds pretty good. Most electronic genres will sound awesome, the frequency response tends to lend itself well to these genres, with heavy bass and hot highs. Pop music sounds really good on these headphones, the backing tracks are primarily bass and drums, which is solely lows and highs, with maybe a little bit of backing tracks in the middle, but leaving room for the vocals to come out; therefor, you leave room for the vocals in the mid-range. These same principles apply to most hip-hop, and the DT 770s sound great when listening to these genres.

These headphones also really shine in various multimedia. Video games sound excellent, really bringing out the delicacies of the sound effects and foley. The sound is also particularly exceptional for film as well. I highly recommend using these headphones for almost anything multimedia related, they provide a great response for the entirety of sound in these mediums.


Closed Back:

The DT 770s feature a fully closed back on the headphones. This could be a big factor in determining if these headphones are right for you. The closed back means that very little to no sound will escape your headphones, people nearby you will not hear what you are listening to, and you will not hear many outside sounds. This is very useful if you plan to be using these around people you do not want to disturb (i.e. in public, libraries, offices, etc.); however, almost all of the best sounding headphones are open in some degree, there are less reflections inside of the headphones to alter the sound you hear. As mentioned earlier, this feature makes them great for any recording musician to use while recording, as very little sound from the headphones will bleed into the microphone they are recording with.


These headphones are by far the most comfortable headphones I have ever used. Comfort is a big deal for the user who uses them many hours a day. I have never had any soreness on my ears as long as I have used these headphones. They feature a nice padding that fits around your ear (not on them), and sealing to your head. This padding is covered with a slightly fuzzy cloth material. The metal that connects the two headphones is also covered with a bit of padding, so the top of your head is also comfortable. The headphones are adjustable, and feature a wide range of extension for each headphone. I could use these headphones for 8 hours straight (or maybe more), and not have any soreness on my ears or my head.


The DT 770s are a very good product, they are very sturdy, and are an amazing value for professional headphones. They have a frequency response that lends itself to be better used for certain things than others, with boosted high and low frequencies, but ducking the mid-range frequencies a bit. They are a very comfortable pair of headphones, and feature a closed back, which is a major consideration for some people in buying these. The headphones have lasted me about 6 years, and are still in an amazing condition, and have not lost their comfort. Overall, I highly recommend these headphones for the average consumer, especially if you plan on using them for gaming or watching films.

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