Much of the Same (Samsung vs. Apple)

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Prior to the unpacked 5 event , I was really hopeful for the Galaxy S5 and here is why. After the garbage that was the S4 conference, Samsung said they were taking a step back to realize what they did so well with their first few Galaxy devices. Innovation, it is a word that is thrown around so easily in my opinion for technology today. Technology and it’s rapid pace does not seem to be a good thing all the time for cell phones at least. Going back to the first iPhone it was something that we had never seen before.

Apple releases a new phone every year. Which is awesome because we as users get to experience the latest gadgets more quickly than ever. Are we really experiencing the latest and greatest phone though? Consumers have gotten so used to the every year Apple phone that we are able to predict what the next iPhone will be, for instance the “s” version or now the “c” version. What happens when a tech Empire’s product becomes predictable? Declining sales, bad reviews? One would think, however that is not the case. The recent iPhone 5s during it’s release was the top selling smartphone among all  major U.S cell phone giants.


Apple and Samsung are empires that believe they have invented each others products. Samsung looks to much like Apple and Apple looks to much like Samsung. The constant battles are old and childish. Make new innovative phones and you won’t have anything to sue each other about because there will be depth to each of their respective phones.

Where did we go wrong with innovation? What happened to it over the last few years in the cell phone world? Have these companies run out of big ideas or is being comfortable all you need to be a giant in the cell phone industry today??


Knowing what expect from each of these two keynote presentations is a major red flag. It will consist of sales figures an announcement of a new phone which has an upgraded processor, camera, and a new backing. This is boring and extremely frustrating as a consumer because so much excitements is built up for the keynote just to have a new product with dull upgrades.

Maybe I expect to much every year from these companies because they have the ability to blow consumers out of their seats with new innovative products, however when doing minimal things does well I guess there is no reason make a killer new product every year. Please feel free to drop your comments below and let me know how you feel about the state of these two empires. Do you think more could be done with these products?


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