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Productivity is the key to great success. Modern businesses and the world around them are quickly changing. The businesses that adapt and change with the times are the ones that will always succeed. But you don't need to only change your business practices, but your technological practices as well! Most people are content with their aging technology in a time where technology is the key to everything. Even if you don't want to move up from Windows XP and Server 2003, you can easily make one small, and very simple change, proven to increase your productivity. Time is money, friend!

Adding an additional monitor to your work space is incredibly easy to do (provided you have a desk bigger than a nightstand!), and not as expensive as one would expect. Once in place, having multiple applications open will be simplified, and switching between them is only the flick of a mouse. Sure, it only saves you a few seconds, but add that up over a day, a week, a month and year. A simple purchase of extra monitors for each employee can do a company wonders for productivity. As an example, when I went from one monitor to four, my efficiency at completing calls increased twofold. I could have each of my daily applications open without any need for finding the task bar and maximizing the program. Imagine what it could do for you!

How do I do this, you ask? Simple!

If you are on a laptop: check to see if you have a VGA/DVI/HDMI connector on the side or rear panel of the machine. If you do, and it is either VGA, DVI, or HDMI, buy an appropriate monitor (See below). Otherwise, you can pick up a USB splitter, which allows for another monitor via USB connection.

If you are on a desktop: check to see if you have an extra VGA or DVI connector on the back of the machine. If you do, buy an appropriate monitor (See below). Otherwise, you can pick up a USB splitter, which allows for another monitor via USB connection.


Check out these USB-to-monitor devices

Diamond BVU195 USB Display Adapter (DVI/VGA) (I use this one every day, and highly recommend it)

GWC AN2485 USB Display External Video Card Adapter (DVI/VGA)

Cirago UDA2000 USB 2.0 to HDMI Display Adapter (HDMI)

Atlona AT13027 Mini DisplayPort male to DVI female Adapter for Mac

Here are some great options for monitors as well

Acer Black 19" Widescreen LCD

ASUS VS Series Black 21.5" HDMI/DVI LED

LG Black 21.5" HDMI/DVI Widescreen LCD


So there you have it! Increase your productivity in the workplace (or at home!) by simply adding one more monitor. Get ahead of the competition by improving productivity, and simplifying how you do your work and play.



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