IMO: The Great Facebook Split

Published: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 08:45 | By: JR Moore

In case you have been living under a rock, this past week Facebook made the move to force people to download the 'Messenger' app to utilize their Facebook Messenger in their app. The masses have been in outrage ever since, because....change. They have complained about having to download another app. They have complained about the permissions of Messenger. They have made it the most dowloaded app in the world with the worse rating, again because...change.

Don't get me wrong, I understand change is tough. Look at all the people that switch from Apple to Android and vice versa in their first few days. They either love it or hate it. Then it will flip in the next week. But is this outrage necessary. I'm taking a pro Facebook approach on this, please feel free to bring another argument in in the comment section. I'm always up for a debate. Also note, I've always used the Messenger app for Facebook. Never used it in the app itself.

"OMG!! This is soooo unexpected WTF!"

Uh... first, if this came as a surprise to you, you don't use Messenger enough to complain about it. Over the past few weeks, Facebook put up a notification of the change in messenger, almost annoyingly through this transition. (Note: I cannot remember if this is the actual message, but I did know that there was a message.)

Nothing to see here. If you read this, you won't have anything to complain about next week.

I uninstalled the Messenger app just to see because people were asking me about it. Almost daily this popped up just to remind me about it. I had to reinstall Messenger, just so I could stop looking at it. I guess a prompt like this falls into the 'EULA' thoughts where we register it like a blank screen and just tap right through it.



"But whyyyyy should I haaavvveee to download another app, this is stupid..."

Instead of just whining, look at why they did it. Facebook said that splitting off its messaging service benefits customers, since people get messages 20 percent faster on a dedicated messaging app. It improve your overall experience with it, they split it instead of splitting the resources for it. Have you noticed that everything else in the app runs a little faster? It does. Notice those Notification flags updating faster, probably not through all that pent up angst, but it is." It's not like the Messenger app isn't integrated into the Facebook app. You don't need to close out of Facebook to chat with someone, it switches to it automatically. The messenger app is designed to be an additional layer on top of the other programs. It's one of the first apps to do that and it spawned tons of other people to start doing that.

"But the permissions it asks's trying to control evvveeerrryyytthhiingg ;("

Before I even explain all of them, Facebook already has those options in the app. Take a look at the permissions of the Facebook app, does it look like the end of the world?? They had them all along. Everyone is freaking out about them because they probably couldn't remember what permissions they gave the Facebook app years ago when they installed it with no problem. For they people that are holding their breath until someone tells them about the're turning blue so here you go:

Change the state of network connectivity – Meaning that it will switch between Wifi and Cell service for you without having you restart the app. You normally give this to any social media app.

Call phone numbers and send SMS messages – Because this is a FEATURE of it now. You can use Messenger as your default text messenger, AND you can make Wifi calls through the app. If you use Google Hangouts, you give the same thing here.

Record audio, and take pictures and videos, at any time – Because you can instantly send photos over the messenger at any time, and now even short videos. Same as Instagram, Snapchat.

Read your phone’s call log, including info about incoming and outgoing calls – Because if it makes a call it will log it in your phone logs. And if someone you call has the app too, it will give you the option of calling them through Facebook as well.

Read your contact data, including who you call and email and how often – Probably advertising stuff, not sure

Read personal profile information stored on your device – Again to see who is using Messenger and to match it up for you.

Get a list of accounts known by the phone, or other apps you use – So when you send Candy Crush events, it will know you already have the app instead of sending you to get it.

"But...but...I don't wanna play by Facebook's Rules...ANARCHY"

There is a way to skirt the rules, but you won't like it.

Use the mobile web version.

Yes it's horrible, and slow depending on your connection. It's not a pretty and functional as the app. You have to refresh the app instead of it notifying you. Its tougher to use the images.

But hey, damn the man, amirite?


"I refuse!" *Princess Stomp*

Great, then don't use the app. Plain and simple. If people really think that Facebook cares about it's rating on the app stores no, because it's just like're gonna get that Shamrock Shake from there no matter what type of slime they use in the hamburgers and in the long run, they will still get you there. People will download the app or they won't. Will you still use Facebook? Yup.

"OK Smarta$$, what's the endgame then?"

I'm sure the Facebook has some tricks up their sleeve. They have recently acquired other companies to help position them to do more with Messenger. They are already building in Snapchat-like features like instant video recording. Slingshot isn't doing so hot (even know what that is? Neither did I.) and will more than likely be mixed into messenger. And let's not forget they own Instagram, so the filter options are still there. As for the Facebook app, I'm just guessing that speed will be the first major improvement, after that who knows.


Long story short, everyone is freaking out for no reason. I believe that people will be praising them by the end of the year. I didn't even notice the transition because I already had it like that. If you think it sucks, that's life. Either use their product or not. Your choice. Just don't complain about it on my Timeline.

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