Five reasons why you should not use Internet Explorer

Published: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 12:41 | By: Rutledge Daugette

Internet Explorer is still a browser that is shipped standard with all Microsoft operating systems, and millions of people still use it. But, it is not the browser you should be using. There are a lot of reasons for why I say that, but the main one is security. In my experience, and by research done, users who do their browsing on Internet Explorer are more likely to get a virus on their computer. I've compiled the following five reasons why you should not use Internet Explorer, and use Chrome (or Firefox) instead.


1. Addons and Toolbars

 The PC's that I work on that people complain of browsing issues are always the ones that download and install programs that have Add-ons and toolbars for IE. Thankfully, a quick Internet Options full reset clears them all out and gets them back to "Normal", but these issue could have been avoided if they had either been more careful, or used Chrome or Firefox! Most of the add-ons and toolbars that you find on people's computers are those that they themselves didn't download, but that IE just let download themselves, or came from other programs. It's essentially "Spamware".

2. Bugs and Exploits

 There's a reason that most IT people despise Internet Explorer. Bugs and Exploits, IE is riddled with them. Most people don't know, but Internet Explorer bugs and exploits are fixed on a set schedule, leaving gaps in security for weeks or months at a time. This leaves you open to attack everywhere you go, generally resulting in viruses and malware if you don't have proper protection. Chrome has no set schedule, and bugs can be reported and fixed by anyone, and Google pays you if you do it for their software! The fact that there are some bugs that don't get fixed for up to six months, is a reason that I don't recommend using IE to anyone. It's important to be secure.

3. Lack of Features

 In comparison to Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers, IE has no real features. All of its features come from addons and toolbars, which hamper down the program more than it already is. If you want good extensions, and features that replicate across multiple computers, Chrome is the browser for you. The extensions and features that Chrome and Firefox offer will also greatly improve your browsing experience. I don't know what I'd do without my bookmarks on all my PCs!

4. Memory Usage

For what it does, Internet Explorer uses a large amount of computer memory. With one tab open in Internet Explorer, it generally uses 50MB-100MB. It increases even more with each tab. Chrome with two tabs uses about 100MB, but generally maxes out at 500MB (and I generally have around 8-12 tabs open!). Keep in mind too, that Chrome uses a decent amount of memory as well, but opens new windows and pages much faster. Overall, the amount of memory used does not correlate to the performance that you are getting.


5. Security (most important)

IE (Safari comes close too) is the least secure browser out there. It has proved time and time again at hacking conventions, such as Pwn2Own. Year after year, IE has been hacked without much trouble, and it wasn't until Pwn2Own 2012 that Chrome was even able to be exploited at all. FireFox is generally able to be exploited each year, but not easily. Chrome has the best* security of the browsers that computers can run.

Don't get me wrong, some users prefer Internet Explorer over Chrome and have not been troubled by viruses or issues. But most users are not careful about what they do on the web, and that will one day hurt them using Internet Explorer. Chrome, in my honest opinion, is the best browser for all users. With great security, a vast list of features, and replication of your bookmarks, extensions, settings, and passwords across multiple PCs, it's the one I recommend to all of my clients. The people who use Chrome over Internet Explorer are also the ones who almost never get viruses.

If you want a truly secure way to browse the internet, then stay away from Internet Explorer (Except for pages that require it, which I don't understand). Replace IE with Chrome or Firefox, and you'll be browsing the web without fear of issue in no time. I also promise your IT Supporter will thank you!

* - Best Security Based on Statistics

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