3 ways to use old laptop hard drives

Published: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 09:00 | By: TechRaptor Staff

I know many of you out there think laptop hard drives are a one trick pony. Many people make the mistake of throwing the entire laptop away, hard drive included, thinking they are now useless and just a hunk of junk. On the contrary, these small power houses are just as good as their counterparts. They can be difficult to retrieve from their "sealed vault," but it's still worth every ounce of work to get them out.   After some extensive experiments, I have three alternate ways to use old laptop hard drives after you no longer need them in your laptop.


 Converting to an Internal  Primary desktop Drive

Most people think laptop hard drives are these small drives that are better fit for portable drives. Actually, after you backup your files, run a quick killdisk, and reload your choice of operating system...Presto! You have a brand new primary internal hard drive.

Recovery drive

This is the most simple, but less used route. It all depends on if you have some back up cables and spare time. Some choose to add some passwords and encryption. This method is very good to have when you have personal data you need to put in a safe, and don't want to purchase a whole new hard drive to do so.  As a bonus you could also use it to keep your programs.

Creating a Slim External Hard drive

 I stumbled across this little trick while experimenting with the leftover parts. The big reason for something like this, is definitely convenience.  It’s one of those it’s easy to move a small laptop hard drive than a giant terabyte drive. This is honestly easier done than said. You have two options, carefully take apart an old external and use the circuit from that or you can order the circuit board online, which usually pretty cheap.   Most people would say, "why go through the trouble of all of that?" Well, would you rather pay 5 dollars for a circuit board, or $60(or more) for an external?

For some of you this could have been an eye opener, and for others, a fresh idea. This article aims to give you ideas of ways to use old laptop hard drives, and some of these options, we plan to cover even more in the future! If you have questions, or need help, don't hesitate to leave a comment below! Article Contributed By:

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