YouTube Plans Music Subscription Service


YouTube Plans Music Subscription Service

October 29, 2014 9:10 AM

By: Dan Worcester


Ever since the website began, YouTube has been a popular place listen to music. At first, it was basically a wild west where anyone uploaded whatever songs they wanted, regardless of whether they actually had permission to do so. Luckily for those with ethical and moral concerns, YouTube soon made a deal with the recording industry to give ad royalities to the record companies when users watched videos with their songs featured. Vimeo even started uploading all their content to YouTube where they quickly formed some of the largest music channels on the site.

And now it seems that YouTube will be getting a subscription service for music. YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, confirmed in a recent interview that they're "working on it." Back in June, it was suggested that the service would be a way to watch music videos without advertisements before them. Offline playback is also being considered, for those who don't always have constant access to the internet. We do not know yet if that is still part of the plan, however, as they are still deciding how to carry out this service.

With the popularity of services like Pandora and Spotify, it's obvious why YouTube would want to expand their options for music streaming.

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