Youtube (Google) Purchasing Twitch Streaming Service for $1 Billion

Published: May 18, 2014 9:37 PM /



Variety is reporting, through their own sources, that Youtube is about to finish a deal with Twitch to purchase the company. This deal would be Google's largest since it purchased Youtube for $1.6 billion.

So what does this potentially mean to us? Well, we know that Youtube has tried to do its own streaming services lately, hooked in largely through Google hangouts, and now Google has the opportunity to integrate Twitch into Youtube and elsewhere. So far, Twitch has proven to be, if not the most popular, one of the most popular streaming services on the internet, particularly for gaming.

Within the gaming world, this could mean big and, possibly, good changes for your favorite streamers. With the acquisition of Twitch by Google, comes the money and infrastructure Google has in place, similar to what you would find in Youtube partners. While this is speculation, that kind of model could make its way to Twitch streamers. It is even more likely that Twitch accounts will be linked up to Youtube accounts in some way.

This is definitely a good thing for Google, who, as mentioned, have been trying to break into the online video streaming service for awhile now. Whether or not this will affect the average person positively, or the streamers of Twitch is yet to be seen.

However, there is no doubt this will have a giant effect.

An official announcement is expected shortly.

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