Yoast WordPress SEO 2.0 released and bring nice changes

Yoast's WordPress SEO

Yoast WordPress SEO 2.0 released and bring nice changes

March 26, 2015 6:36 PM

By: Andrew Stretch


Yoast's WordPress SEO just hit a landmark update with the step up to 2.0 today. Yoast are proudly adding plenty of new features such as Google's Knowledge Graph as well as improving such features as the design, layout and usability of the admin screen of the plug in many different ways.

Google's Knowledge graph is a new feature announced allowing you to decide what your name is represented as in search results whether you be a person or a company. This also allows you to include information such as your name, your companies name as well as your site and the logo. Having this connectivity also allows you to add in all of your social media networks from Facebook and Twitter to sites like LinkedIn, Instagram and even MySpace. Users might have began to notice this appearing at the side of a Google search window and should help add even more exposure to companies that correctly follow SEO guidelines.




Yoast Google Search
By giving companies spotlight it can help grant even more exposure

The simplification of the admin menus is to move a lot of the advanced features to where they belong, under an advanced page, as well as moving various tools into their own "Webmaster Tools" heading. Yoast also states that "while this might seem mostly a superficial change, it's very important in how we think you should perceive our plugin." These advanced options are ones that won't make any rankings go from poor to awesome so they aren't as essential as the rest of the features but they are still features that are there for you to take advantage of.



Wordpress SEO Before and After
The changes to the admin controls has a slight change but all for streamlining settings.

There are also some changes to users of the WordPress SEO Premium plugin, though not as major as the other updates. The Yoast SEO plugin now will react much, much faster and they say that "You'll notice this in the admin of your site almost immediately." All of the videos explaining how to navigate and the functions of the admin screens have also been redone to reflect all of the changes in the release.



We at TechRaptor are excited for these changes and improvements as we are proud users of Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin.

Any other users of the Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin excited for the 2.0 version? What kind of changes do you think this will make?

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