Windows RT to get update, but not to Windows 10

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Windows RT to get update, but not to Windows 10

August 11, 2015 8:53 PM

By: John Quilty


Fear not, Windows RT users, for Microsoft has not abandoned you yet. The much-disdained OS will be getting an update, but not quite to Windows 10. According to the FAQ on the official Windows 10 site, Windows RT based devices will be getting an update referred to as “Windows 8.1 RT Update 3”, and is set to launch in September.

“If you’re running Windows RT, your device won’t upgrade to Windows 10. We will have an update available in September 2015 that will improve the Start menu and lock screen. Check Windows Update on your Windows RT device to make sure it is ready to download the update when available.”


Microsoft has stated that there will not be a Windows 10 RT, and that existing Windows RT tablets will not be compatible with the Universal Windows Platform initiative Microsoft has started to bridge the gap between Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Because of this and the locked down nature of Windows RT, only apps written using the Windows 8.1 Modern App API will be compatible. Because of the older API used, Continuum, a key Windows 10 feature, will also not be available.

Windows RT was a short-lived attempt at running Windows on ARM. Only seven devices were released with it, the Asus Vivotab RT, Dell XPS10, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11, Samsung Ativ Tab, Nokia Lumia 2520, Microsoft Surface, and Microsoft Surface 2. RT was met with a cold reception by consumers and OEMs due to its inability to run x86 desktop applications and poor differentiation between the ARM and x86 versions of Windows, with many unsuspecting buyers not realizing their familiar applications were incompatible. For future ARM based devices, Microsoft has positioned Windows 10 Mobile as it’s operating system, and is promoting the use of universal apps and Continuum to allow developers to write an app once and run it on both the desktop and a touch environment.

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