Twitch Subscriptions Can Now Display Custom Messages

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Twitch Subscriptions Can Now Display Custom Messages

June 21, 2016

By: Robert N. Adams


Twitch has added the ability for users to send out a personal message when they re-subscribe to a channel according to a post on the official Twitch blog.

Previously, when someone decided to continue their subscription a message would pop up stating that "USER has subscribed for X months in a row!" This additional functionality now gives their users the option to personalize these messages when a subscription anniversary comes around. The custom re-subscription messages will follow a channel's existing list of banned words so they can't be used as a backdoor to get around a particular streamer's filtered words. The custom messages can also be moderated like any other line of chat.

When a subscriber decides to resubscribe, a pop-up box will give them the option to enter a message. The messages are limited to a total of 255 characters, and it will be possible to use Twitch emotes in the message if you choose to do so. Users are limited to one message per month for each channel they're subscribed to.


The subscription anniversary message will be highlighted in chat. It will also pop up on the screen if the broadcaster has overlays enabled. Entering a message in this fashion is entirely optional for the subscriber and they can easily dismiss the notification if they're not interested.

Twitch has released an FAQ that talks about the specifics of the new system for subscribers and broadcasters alike.

This new functionality for Twitch's subscription system mirrors what currently exists in plugins such as TwitchAlerts at a basic level. TwitchAlerts and similar plugins have allowed streams to have subscription and subscription anniversary notifications for some time now. However, the plugins have additional capabilities that are not yet natively supported by Twitch such as the ability to play a sound and put custom graphics on screen.

What do you think of this new functionality in Twitch? Do you think this will render subscription plugins less relevant? Let us know in the comments below!

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