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Pirate Bay Logo Cover

The Stockholm District Court ordered the take down of the .se domains for the PirateBay today, following a Swedish police raid last year seizing PirateBay servers.

A new logo for the PirateBay surfaced on Reddit, referencing five alternative web domain suffixes: .mn, .gd, .la, .am, .gs.

Pirate Bay Logo

Whereas before the logo merely featured a sailing ship with a jolly roger cassette tape, the new logo sports a four headed Hydra emerging behind the ship, with a domain suffix above the hydras' heads. The Hydra is very likely a reference to the Hydra's ability to regenerate new heads with each head cut off (in other words, if you take down one pirate site, two or more will take its place.)

Past debate about torrent sites have raised arguments about how to deal with them. Some have argued that legal actions and take downs are somewhat pointless, as every time this has happened, little to no real impact is made. Within weeks (even days) new sites pop up, and pirates tend to be depicted (intentionally or unintentionally) in a positive light as the underdog.

The decision to take down the two domains came after a hearing in late April 2015. The case, filed against Punkt SE (the group responsible for the .se domain), argued that because the PirateBay is an illegal operation, the .se (and other PirateBay domains) are tools that enable the domain holder ( in this case Punkt SE) to infringe copyright. Punkt SE argued that holding the registry responsible for the infringement of a site they don't run is a baseless accusation. They also argued that disabling the domain would be an ineffective way to fight copyright infringement.

Late last year, Swedish Law enforcement raided a Pirate Bay server room in Greater Stockholm. Following this, the Pirate Bay has faced a plethora of legal actions attempting to shut down the infamous torrent site. The Pirate Bay has numerous systems and functions in place to prevent being taken down however. The site itself is less than 100MB, because it is mainly just magnet links and text. Also the PirateBay organization mainly operates with just load balancers which are encrypted and diskless. When the site is taken down from one server, a team member in another country need only activate a load balancer on another server and the site is back up. It is also hosted in the cloud, adding to the difficulty of permanently taking down the site.

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