Pebble Appstore Announced For Next Year

Published: December 19, 2013 9:30 AM /


Pebble announced that in early 2014 an official Pebble appstore will be released for Pebble Smart Watches.  The app store will be included in the official Pebble smart phone app and will go live with the Pebble SDK 2.0

An official app store is big for the company who started with an incredible Kickstarter campaign.  Many people forget that the original Iphone did not include an appstore, once it was released is truly when the Iphone took off.  So based on the success of the Pebble an appstore is the next smart move.    While there were a lot of third party options to install a different watch face, an official app store will open up the Pebble and we will get to see more awesome things later down the road.


Pebble announced six categories for their apps: Daily, Tools and Utilities, Remote, Notifications, Fitness and Games.  Pebble will not be charging for apps that are in it's store during the launch, but did say if the app uses a companion app, they could charge through there.  Development is open to anyone and free of charge.  They also will not be pre validating apps that are submitted, but they will take down apps if need be.

Pebble is definitely heading in the right direction by making it easier for consumers to customize and add apps to their smart watch. Putting everything under one roof will help make the Pebble take off and only get better.


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