Patreon And Subbable Are Now Becoming One

Published: March 17, 2015 9:20 AM /



PatreonSubbable and Patreon are almost practically the same site. In fact, they were developed by two different people who knew and respected each other, and both launched just months apart from each other. Subbable and Patreon are both sites where you can give any amount of money you desire to help an artist, vlogger, content creator, etc, by basically tipping them for their work. The money that they receive, which can be as low as nothing to as high as thousands of dollars, is used to help the content creator pay for supplies, or rent, or food, or whatever they need to help them keep creating their content, especially if they give their content away for free.

Subbable will actually not be around much longer, as Patreon decided to incorperate it into their own site. Hank Green, the developer of Subbable, made a video explaining the change. "Subbable uses Amazon Payments and Amazon recently told us that the payments system that Subbable uses will not exist anymore in a few months" says Hank Green.

The Subbable site's homepage says "Subbable will be shutting down this summer and all Subbable Creators are moving to Patreon." until August 1st you will be able to covert your subscription easily through the Subbable homepage simply by pressing a button. And until April 30th, every dollar that you give by converting the subscription from Subbable to Patreon will be matched by Patreon up to 100,000$. Jack Conte, creator of Patreon, writes more about the change on his blog in a more... informal way.

It will be interesting to find out just how this change affects Patreon, and how the update might make the site better in the long-run, or if it would change much at all considering that both sites are extremely similar.

What do you think of this new change? Are you looking forward to possible new changes to Patreon? What are your thoughts on subscription payment sites like Patreon and Subbable?


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