NVidia Unveils the Titan-Z Card, A $3,000 Graphics Juggernaut

NVidia Titan-Z

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NVidia Unveils the Titan-Z Card, A $3,000 Graphics Juggernaut

March 25, 2014

By: Seth Kellen


In case you weren't satisfied with how much your current graphics card can make a fool out of modern games, NVidia has your back with an insane new product.

The Titan-Z Graphics Card improves upon the current Titan, and sports 12GB of VRAM. Hoping to be the card of choice for those who want an unmatched experience, the Titan-Z houses two GK110 GPU chips, and is powered by 5,760 processing cores (2,880 cores per GPU).

The Nvidia blog post detailing the card doesn't list a price, but tech site Tweak Town confirms the $3,000 tag. This card will undoubtedly earn a reputation for being the card of choice for the eccentrically rich, or for those who have the need to run games at 5K over multiple monitors., or for the people who just want to embarrass their friends and don't mind paying a ridiculous amount to do it.  Count me in as someone who is currently drooling over the prospect.


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