New app from Skype called Skype Qik


New app from Skype called Skype Qik

October 17, 2014 3:58 PM

By: Andrew Stretch


A new way to video message has been released by popular video chat service Skype. This past week Skype announced that their app Skype Qik will enable people to message one another using audio and video when you just don't have enough time to sit down and spend time Skyping in full. Skype Qik is currently available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Using contacts from your phone you are able to create a group with which you are able to share short videos between. From here your friends are able to look at and reply with their own videos. Each video is simple and fast to take with one touch recording and sharing so you can capture any funny moment without any fear of missing it. If you are on iOS or Android you are able to prerecord up to twelve messages for use when you want to say something short but don't have the time or aren't anywhere you can make the recording.




For anyone worrying about privacy concerns whenever you delete a video you put up then it is deleted on all of the party members devices or videos will automatically be deleted after two weeks.

For anyone who wants to check out more info on Skype Qik then go to the official Skype Qik website, or head to your mobile app store and pick up Skype Qik for free right now!

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