Netflix and Comcast - The beginning of Net Neutrality's demise?

Published: February 24, 2014 10:00 AM /


Netflix Featured

The famous movie streaming site for all that wish to binge an entire TV series in a week has partnered with Comcast to cut the middle man out of the bandwidth equation. Until now Netflix has been working with Cogent who buys bandwidth from Comcast and Verizon and funnels it to the Netflix servers. But now Netflix has decided to pay Comcast directly for its bandwidth. What this means for us Netflix users is not clear yet but  for net neutrality this could be the beginning of the end.

For those unaware, federal courts announced that net neutrality is no longer needed, allowing larger companies to give special treatment to their subscribers and customers while the common rabble fumbles around. What this means with the Netflix situation is that those paying for Comcast may get clearer and faster streaming as opposed to those that have Verizon. Now for the sake of fairness this may not happen but it is a good example on how this could affect Netflix users. Unfortunately this situation opens the doors to other companies to take stances on the bandwidth sides which will start an internet war for dominance.

This could mark the decline of net neutrality where the internet could become like the feudal systems of old. Those that pay tribute to the higher officials get special treatment while the peasants are taxed for their hard work. Once again it isn't clear if big companies will actually abandon the ideals of net neutrality but if these companies are looking to build a bigger audience and more money they will eventually take advantage of the fall of net neutrality. Netflix is patient zero, who will fall next?

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