Motorola to Shut Down American Assembly

Published: May 30, 2014 2:39 PM /


Motorola, a company know for it's highly customizable Moto X, will be closing it's American factory at the end of this year due to low sales. The company brought an assembly presence to Texas hoping to strategize a new way to get it's new line of phones into the hands of US consumers. In response to an interview by the Journal, President Rick Osterloh had this to say: "What we found was that the North American market was exceptionally tough."

moto maker

So what does this mean? Well for one, the "Moto Maker" may or may not continue to distribute it's very robust options in customizing the Moto X line-up. The Texas assembly was a very large proponent in pushing out the option to build exactly the style of phone that you wanted. Once gone, the Moto line of phones may stick to the ability to swap out back color plates like the rest of it's line up.

Despite the loss, Motorola is still moving forward with another round of products this year that aim to please the eye and your wallet. Just recently, the company announced an exciting new smartphone known as the Moto E. The smartphone, dubbed "a phone for all," will start at a measly $129 off contract. On top of that, Motorola is expanding it's Moto G series with a 4G LTE option that hosts a handful of nice upgrades starting at the low price of $219.


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