In the midst of the Netflix VPN Embargo, Provider Unotelly Remains Unscathed

Published: January 8, 2015 1:38 PM /



A few days ago Techraptor reported on the recent trouble people using VPNs were seeing with Netflix when trying to use the American catalog outside of the United States. These catalogs tend to differ depending on the area of the world, such as, there are movies available to Netflix subscribers from Australia or the United Kingdom that are not available in the United States and vice versa.

People have been circumventing the filters and gaining access to the geo-specific catalogs through use of VPNs and proxies. However, the problem is that using a VPN with Netflix violates their terms of service existing policy, and in other cases angers movie studios who have no issue, punishing subscribers who use VPNs — even if it impacts legitimate streamers."

To combat this, in the past month Netflix has been testing various methods of blocking VPNs, which have been randomly affecting companies that offer VPN services.

One popular VPN provider called TorGuard has seen a surge in technical issue reports from their users throughout December. Although the blocking seems to be for the moment temporary,  it is speculated that Netflix is just testing their blocking system before rolling it out in a complete state.

UnoTelly, another VPN provider has seen zero impact on the Netflix service offered to their users.

Formed in 2011, Unotelly provides several services dubbed UNODNS and UNOVPN that give access to up to 335 channels including Netflix.

In a press release slated for January 7th, Unotelly reported that their Netflix service had not seen any interruption from the recent Netflix testing. Interestingly enough, the report elaborates on what might be the real cause of service interruption stating, "Video streaming sites such as Netflix may occasionally perform updates that cause DNS customers to lose access to the server. This is an issue that can occur for any customer usinga geo­unlocking service, but can be fixed easily by adjusting his or her network settings."

What do you think of this recent turn of events with Netflix, and is it worthwhile to use a service to avoid the system?

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