LogMeIn Free No Longer Available, Current Users Given 7 Days to Upgrade

This story from back in 2014 is about LogMeIn, the remote access service, and its free tier going kaput.

Published: January 23, 2014 1:15 PM /


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The title is correct, you can no longer use LogMeIn for free past the trial period.

Announced via email, and when users logged in on January 21st, current users have 7 days to either upgrade to LogMeIn Pro or they will lose access to the computers that currently have the program installed.

So if you're currently using LogMeIn to access your parents' virus riddled machine or helping do IT work for a small business, you'll have to either begin paying for LogMeIn Pro (which now includes ignition), or find a new solution.

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The news that the free version of LogMeIn was being discontinued was a shock to everyone who uses it, as users were essentially given a seven-day notice after LogMeIn decided to cancel its free offering. Companies that have up until now, been offering free products, are beginning to remove their free options from the market as well.

LogMeIn is the most recent in a number of companies that offered free services, such as SugarSync and Droplr who have already made the switch, with Mailstrom following suit as well. It's worth noting that all of these companies still have a free trial period if you still wish to determine if you like them, as well.

The Remote Desktop is the only service that LogMeIn offers that is going full premium, as join.me, Cubby, and Hamachi will remain in "Freemium" status. LogMeIn is citing that their reasoning for removing the free offering is that the remote access market has matured, and no longer needs to be filled with free offerings.

This is true, as the emergence of many new remote access programs increased as LogMeIn grew over the last few years - even if many, like Windows Live Mesh were pulled after only a few months.

This LogMeIn blog post explains the details of the quick transition:

Please note that once you log into your account there is a seven day window to upgrade. Subscriptions will include LogMeIn’s signature remote access to two or more computers, premium mobile apps for Android and iOS, and native Mac and Windows desktop apps. Additionally, all users who purchase a subscription to LogMeIn Pro will be upgraded to a premium remote access experience, with capabilities that include integration with popular cloud sync and share products like Cubby, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive, the ability to manage and transfer cloud and local files, remote printing and more.

With LogMeIn free no longer available, those curious about the new LogMeIn pricing can check out this image:

LogMeIn Free Removal

Let's be honest, the loss of the free LogMeIn service is a huge blow to everyone who uses the downright phenomenal services, but we all know it can't last forever. With millions of machines on Free plans, it would not be a sustainable business to maintain, and LogMeIn knows it.

With the large portion of the internet having become used to free product offerings, the current shift in services may be a bit unsettling, but in reality in means that the services being offered can only get better!

Stay tuned for our article on replacements for LogMeIn free, and give us your opinions on this change in the comments below!

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