Lizard Squad hacks Malaysian Airlines

Published: January 27, 2015 12:41 AM /


Malaysian Airline

Malaysian Airlines official website was hacked earlier today.  The attacked changed the webpage's wallpaper to a picture of single Malaysian Airlines plane, with the words '404 - Plane not found', a joke that references last year's Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, a plane that disappeared mid-flight and whose whereabouts is still unknown.  The message then continued with "Hacked by Cyber Caliphate Greetz 2: Lizard Squad, UGNazi, NATHAN NYE HENRY BLAIR STRATER"

The website then redirected traffic to another site that featured the Lizard Squad's avatar; a pipe smoking lizard dressed in top hat, tuxedo and monocle.  That site claims responsibility for the attack by saying "Hacked by Lizard Squad - Official Cyber Caliphate"

Hack Read reports that the hackers as well inserted a message reading "ISIS will prevail" into Malaysian Airline's website description.

It is as of yet unknown why the hacking group choose to hack Malaysian Airline's website.  As well, this is the first occasion where the Lizard Squad claimed any affiliation with the Cyber Caliphate, and this is perhaps the puzzling part of today's event.  The Lizard Squad's résumé  has included the servers of many Video Game networks, though they have as well claimed responsibility for bringing down the internet in North Korea late last year (though they were by no means the only ones to have made such a claim).   The Cyber Caliphate was the name used by a group of hackers that compromised the Twitter and Youtube accounts of the United States Central Command earlier this year.  Whether the two are in someway linked has yet to be determined.

Malaysian Airlines' website has since been restored to how it was prior to the attack.  However, the airlines initially denied that the attackers were able to retrieve any sensitive customer data via the attack.  Lizard Squad has since boosted that they indeed did manage to extract information, and that they will be making the information public soon.

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