Kindle Devices Crash Some Windows 10 Computers After Anniversary Update

Kindle Devices Crash Some Windows 10 Computers After Anniversary Update

Published: August 29, 2016 9:30 AM /


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Plugging in a Kindle is causing Windows 10 to crash after the Anniversary Update has been applied as reported by The Guardian.

Dozens of users of both the Paperwhite and Voyage Kindle devices report that the operating system crashes to a blue screen and restarts as soon as the device is plugged in via USB. This particular issue is only being encountered by users of these Kindle devices who have either installed the Anniversary Update or are a part of the Insider Program which acts as a way to test upcoming builds of Windows 10.

Curiously, some users are reporting that if the Kindle is left plugged in after the crash it will operate as normal once the computer has restarted. However, unplugging the device and plugging it back in will result in a blue screen and restart once again. Others have resorted to plugging in their device before the operating system has loaded in properly to avoid it happening altogether. However, some users have had no success in getting their device to work with Windows 10 after the update has been applied.

The Anniversary Update is the first major update for Windows 10 and includes a host of improvements and new features. Microsoft has stated that it features up to 20% faster boot time for some users and improved battery life for users on the go. It also has made Cortana available from the lock screen to allow users to play music, ask questions, or set reminders.

However, the update has had its fair share of problems. Last month, news came to light that the ability to change policies was removed from Windows 10 Pro following the update. The functionality of webcams was also negatively affected as a result of the update.

Quick Take

I have a deep appreciation for the comedy of the situation considering this is Microsoft's "most reliable update yet". I'm well-acquainted with Microsoft's idea of reliability as a former user of Windows ME (for two years, no less). Developing an operating system is surely an immensely complex undertaking, but I can't shake the feeling that every update to Windows adds in more garbage that I don't want and takes away functionality that I had found very useful. I hope Microsoft gets their act together.

Have you installed the Anniversary Update for Windows 10? Have you had a smooth experience using it or have you had some problems? Have you encountered this particular crash? Let us know in the comments below!