Hyperloop is Actually Going to be Built

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What was for years just an idea by famed entrepreneur and engineer Elon Musk, is now going to become a reality. Hyperloop, the high-speed transportation system dreamed up by Musk, is finally going to be built. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies recently signed a deal to begin construction of a Hyperloop track in 2016, located in Quay Valley, California.

As the name suggests, HTT is a company founded specifically for the development of Hyperloop. When it was initially announced that Musk would not be able to pursue the Hyperloop project himself, due to commitments in several other projects he was already working on, the team behind HTT were inspired to bring his vision to life. HTT was crowdfunded using JumpStartFund, an online platform for funding technology startups.

Musk himself apparently had a change of heart over his reluctance to work the on the Hyperloop project himself. He sent out some tweets in January announcing that he would in fact be constructing a Hyperloop test track, which would probably be built in Texas. However very few details on this have been released by Musk, and it seems to be in the early planning stages still, which means HTT may beat him and construct the first operational Hyperloop.

The Hyperloop itself will be an impressive step forward in transportation when it is eventually completed. The Hyperloop is essentially a long sealed tube, with greatly reduced air pressure on the inside. This allows pods to travel within it at incredible speeds, since they will not experience as much air resistance as other fast moving vehicles. The pods themselves float on a cushion of air, which eliminates the friction experienced by wheeled vehicles such as cars or trains, allowing even greater speeds.

Hyperloop has the potential to reach speeds of up to 760 mph according to Musk's original estimate, however the Hyperloop being built by HTT will be running at a reduced speed. HTT will use this Hyperloop as a test run to optimize safety considerations, and make sure it is ready for large-scale operations. Once it is constructed it will likely pave the way for more Hyperloop tracks to be constructed across the country.

Are you excited about the creation of the first operational Hyperloop? Would you want to ride in one when the opportunity is available? Leave your comments below.


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