Google Testing a GIF Creator

Published: December 12, 2014 9:19 PM /



Google has quietly rolled out a new little feature for Youtube that is still in the early stages of being fully integrated. Right now, Google's new GIF creator that is integrated with Youtube only works for a handful of video people, and there's been no official announcement of it.

So, its safe to assume at the moment that this is a pilot project by Google, and that they are testing it quietly before they roll it out enmasse. It does mean soon though you'll be able to take your favourite video, and without any 3rd party applications turn what you want to into an animated GIF.

As stated, only a handful of users have it right now on their pages. How you use it on those is you click share, GIF, then select the portion of the video you want to GIFify (currently no more then 6 seconds it seems), and put in any text you want. Then you click create and you have turned a portion of a video about Ad-hominem into this:

As stated only a handful of places have it enabled right now. If you want to test it out you can check out PBS Idea Channel (Who's video I giffed above), VlogBrothers, and Good Mythical Morning. Others may have it but we don't know of them right now here on TechRaptor so these are the safe ones if you want to experiment with the new toy that Google has stealthed into the world. One minor thing to note to use the GIF creator you do need a Google account and be logged in or else it will just tell you to log in, unlike other share features for links and such.

So are there any GIFs you are looking foward to making once this fully rolls out? Do you think this tool is even necessary given the number of third party sites that could easily allow you to do it? Do you have a GIF that you made from PBS, VlogBrothers, or Good Mythical Morning that you want to share? Give us your thoughts in the comments below and share your GIFs with your fellow Raptors!


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