Google Drive size increased by sharing space

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Google Drive size increased by sharing space

May 17, 2013

By: Rutledge Daugette


Last year, when Google Drive was unveiled by Google as an alternative solution to SkyDrive(7 GB free), Dropbox(2 GB, up to 16 GB free with referrals), and various other online storage options, it gave Google users another way to take advantage of their free Google features and add one more bit of functionality to their online experience. Since then, we have enjoyed a free 5 GB of space for files and photos, apart from the 10 GB allocated for the free email service, Gmail. A few days ago, Google announced that they would be combining the space of all the free Google features, to a whopping 15GB allocated for Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos.

The combining of the space seeks to be a good boost to certain users. Heavy Gmail users will have their space increased by 5GB if they don't take use of Drive and Google+ Photos. If you're a heavy Google Drive user, and are running low on space and barely use your Gmail account, you will be getting a 10 GB boost to your online storage space. Either way, everyone wins.

Drive Storage Screen

Rolling out over the next few weeks, the Google Drive storage space will be increased for all free users. Google Apps users will also be getting a boost in their storage space as well. For those that don't think that 15 GB is enough, Google also offers the ability to upgrade your storage to 25GB all the way up to 16 Terabytes. To learn about paying for more space, visit the storage purchase page.
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