Google Drive Offering 2GB Of Additional Storage - For Free

Published: February 10, 2015 4:27 PM /


Google Drive

Sometimes you simply forget something crucial or would like access to some key files when you're away from home. Have you forgotten that flash drive with something vital for a business presentation or maybe a project for school? Google Drive has you covered, that is if you can pass a security check. As part of an initiative for Safer Internet Day, the Californian giant is offering an additional 2GB of Google Drive storage to anyone who who signs up for it by February 17th - for life.

To readers not aware of Safer Internet Day or (SID) for short, it's a campaign to promote a safer way of using Internet technologies. This goes especially for children around the world.

Safer Internet Day

Cloud storage can be mixed bag for some with hacking being a primary concern of the bad and easy access to files being the good. If there is information that needs to remain absolutely confidential under all circumstances, local storage will always be the safest option just to be absolutely sure.  For everything else, Google remains confident your files will be secure. Remember to always exercise your better judgement when determining what you upload to any cloud service.

In this digital age, a 2GB expansion doesn't seem like a whole lot, but the added storage is there for anyone who may have a use for it. Google accounts are common so most of the set up should be straightforward. If you happen to have a multiple step phase of authentication, this should help you. According to Google, this free storage will kick in at the end of the month for those interested. Just to note, this offer does not apply to Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education users.

Even if you have no idea what to do with 2GB of extra Google Drive storage, couldn't hurt to grab it if you already have a Google account. Many of us do and in this case, it's for keeps! What are your thoughts on Google's offer and will you be utilizing it?


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