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Well, man not included. But have you ever wanted to fight in a giant mech like in the anime Evangelion, or Gundam Wings? Well, now that might be closer than you think. Coming from Japan (Of course, because why wouldn't it come from Japan?) is a line of manned and fully functioning mech soldiers. You climb inside, and take it for a spin, or you can buy your own giant robot for a mere 1 million dollars! Or 120 million yen!

Now hopefully this won't be too far off
Now hopefully this won't be too far off

Kogoro Kurata, a Tokyo designer, created the first ever actual manned robot suit called the KURATAS, after his own last name. The KURATAS is a four meter tall, five ton, quadrupedal robot suit. You can control it either by the inside of the suit, or by romote control using a smartphone. Which sucks for us Android users.

The robot suit runs on Diesel gas, but is not very fast. It only travels at the frightful speed of 10 km an hour. It does come equipped with weapons, including a rocket launcher that shoots out plastic water bottles, and a machine BB gun that shoots out 6000 BB's a minute. It also has automatic alignment, to help it target and lock on to objects, including humans. Once the gun locks on, all you have to do is smile, and the gun stars firing. The creators have dubbed this the Smiling Shot, which seems pretty awesome in my opinion. The creators have also commented that the machine gun and rocket launcher carrying robot with a smiling shot and human lock on capabilities is a peaceful machine... uh huh. Because that's what that robot is going to be used for... target practice at your local shooting range. Totally.

Many people and news sources are equating this suit to that of iron man, they apparently never watched anime OR Iron Man. Because Iron Man's suit is more like an outfit, while this is obviously a mech, but that is just my nerd showing.

What do you think? If you had a million dollars to spare would you buy the KURATAS suit? I know I would!

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