Gaming Laptop Deals Starts at Only $535 as September Comes to End

Gaming Laptop Deals Starts at Only $535 as September Comes to End

Published: September 24, 2016 10:04 PM /



It's 2016, and while you can still buy those high-end $2,500 gaming laptops, getting a laptop capable of running modern games will only cost you slightly more than $500 this weekend. Several cheap laptop options have cropped up this week, mostly on Lenovo models. Chief among them is an excellent Y700 15-inch model for only $535. Before you discount it immediately, this machine can is actually fully capable of running modern titles!

The big deal this weekend popped up on Adorama's eBay page. There, the Lenovo 700 with a Quad Core i5 processor and discrete GTX 950M GPU fell to only $535 with free shipping. Sales tax charged only in New York and New Jersey. The laptop also comes with a Full HD 1080p IPS display, which we're happy to report is standard fare these days (gone are the days of "gaming laptops" with 720p displays).

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There are of course several other honorable mentions. Some pretty big discounts hit Lenovo's official store in the US making new lows on the IdeaPad 510S with a Radeon R7 M460 graphics card for $550 and the IdeaPad 510 with an i7 processor and GTX 940MX GPU for $625. Both are great values, but probably still outdone by the featured deals from Adorama's eBay page in terms of value/performance ratio.

What these gaming capable laptops have over the more expensive $1,500+ machine's, beyond the attractive price tag is that they will even rock 2016 titles, though you'll likely have to turn the settings down to medium or low. For those of us who don't absolutely need the highest resolution graphics while gaming on the go, your wallet will thank you.

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