Don’t be “glassholes” – Google Glass users scolded

Published: February 20, 2014 9:30 AM /


google glass-image

Google has told early adopters of its Google Glass how not to use their highly anticipated wearable. Google Glass is currently undergoing “beta testing” through its Explorer Program, wherein interested users can apply to get their hands on Glass before its full release. The program has been slowly expanding since 2012, but some explorers have apparently been having trouble with proper Glass etiquette. This has resulted in people being ejected from restaurants, as well as more than a few instances of paranoia linked to the built-in camera functionality. To address this issue, Google published some do’s and don’ts for its users. Do’s include; using the voice commands, asking for permission before snapping pictures and videos, and using screen lock to prevent their data falling into the hands of potential thieves. Things you shouldn’t do when wearing Google Glass includes “glassing-out”, or staring blankly into the device for uncomfortably long periods of time. Users are also encouraged not to enter rugby scrums or participate in other forms of high-impact sports while wearing the device (which seems pretty obvious really). Finally, Google asks explorers to refrain from being “glassholes” by engaging in creepy or rude behaviour while sporting the eyewear. This ranges from politely answering the questions of perplexed muggles, to turning off the device in no-smartphone or no-camera zones. While having early access to one of the hottest pieces of tech this side of CERN definitely sounds cool, it does seem like constantly explaining what the device does could get a tad tedious. Nevertheless, the Glass explorers program is expanding, and the device may see full release later this year. You can sign up for a chance to join the program at the Google Glass website here.


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