Do Not Use the Hola VPN

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Do Not Use the Hola VPN

May 31, 2015 5:37 PM

By: Andrew Otton


Hola is a popular virtual private network (VPN) used to access things like foreign Netflix, which has different movies available depending on the region. A team has researched Hola and found that it has been doing some very sinister things regarding your Internet connection.

The team has found Hola can and will track your traffic across the Internet. It gets progressively worse as Hola works as a peer-to-peer VPN meaning that other people browse the Internet using your connection. So, that means that as far as any website or ISP is concerned, you are the one browsing whatever website the other person is. Obviously, that can be an issue if they are using it for more unsavory or illegal matters.




Hola also owns something called Luminati where they sell access to the Hola peer-to-peer network. Supposedly, users of the service are screened beforehand, but the team at Adios Hola alleges the screening process is minimal at best, meaning, again, people can use your Inernet access for just about anything they want.

They have also found that Hola will allow anybody to execute programs on your computer as well. The team has an example of using Hola to execute programs on their site that doesn't work anymore, but they claim that Hola still has another avenue to allow other uses to execute programs on your computer.



In short, that means anyone using Hola should uninstall it immediately. The team also has a guide on their site to help ensure that Hola is completely removed from your computer. So, protect yourself and remove it from your computer before someone uses it in a malicious way.

Did you/have you use Hola before? Will you be uninstalling it? Do you know of any alternatives?

Andrew Otton
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