Developers Can Now Reply to User Reviews on the Apple App Store

Published: April 3, 2017 9:29 AM /



Apple has implemented a new feature that allows developers of apps found on the Apple App Store to reply to reviews posted by users. This feature comes after years of iOS users asking Apple for the feature, which has been a part of Android's Google Play store for four years now.

This feature has been introduced to iOS with the recently released 10.3 update and the 10.12.4 for Apple's MacOS.

Positive ratings and reviews can encourage customers to download or purchase your app. By delivering great responses to users' comments and assisting those who have questions about your app, you can create a better user experience, drive increased engagement, and improve your app’s rating.
The introduction of the reply feature for developers will make it way easier to interact with their audiences on the popular app store. Starting with these updates, developers can respond to reviews on their apps from an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Developers are only allowed to send in one response per review, but they can go back in and add answers to other questions or feedback.

The iOS 10.3 allows users to locate their AirPods from their phone using Apple's device tracking service, some more font settings, and the introduction of the Apple File System. This new system was announced by the tech giant during last year's WWDC and is supposed to make your phone more secure from digital shenanigans whilst simultaneously taking up less space than the previously used system.

In addition to the review support, MacOS 10.12.4 introduced Night Shift. This is Apple's proprietary version of f.lux, which changes the color temperature of your screen to reduce blue light coming off your screen at night. Other things in this update are updates to the OS's dictation system and some behind the scenes tweaks and fixes to minor bugs.

What do you think of this change? Do you think that it will help improve support for games and products on Apple devices? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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