Cord Cutters Receive More Options with CBSN

Published: November 6, 2014 2:49 PM /



It's not news that traditional cable as we know it is very much threatened with the soaring popularity of streaming services.  Many people have already disconnected from the cable companies, and as an alternative are using only an internet connection along with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or various other online streaming based subscription services (they are known as cord cutters).  Cord cutters are now gaining a new option, adding steam to the online streaming train that has been rolling for the past few years.

CBS has now launched an online news streaming service that will include live, anchored news reports daily from 9:00 AM through midnight (EST) daily.  This news streaming service is called CBSN and navigating the site gives you the option to watch the news live as the reports are being made, or scroll through past reports to watch news reports relevant to you and your interests.  This a free service and still contains advertisements similar to that of traditional cable, but I find that to be a good service model for news streaming as paying for a subscription to a news broadcast that you could read online for free, would likely not be well accepted.  Now, CBSN will not mirror or mimic reports that are being made on CBS, as it will have it's own reports.  The good news, though, is that they will likely cut to CBS for big-time stories or breaking news as those reports are being aired.  As for streaming devices, CBSN's service is available for Roku and Fire TV, and the Windows 8 App is currently available with an android app projected to be released by end of this year.  There is no word yet in regards to an iOS release, but we can assume there is one in the works.

This by itself isn't the end all be all, but in conjunction with other reports, we can conclude the groundwork is being laid to pave the way for more cord cutters in the future.


What are those other reports you ask?  HBO projecting their stand-alone, streaming service in 2015.  The NBA, TNT, and ESPN negotiating a deal for an online streaming service for NBA games, and add MLS games into that mix for ESPN as well.  This is only the beginning, but heavy hitters in television are now involved and that looks very favorable for all cord cutters out there.  The next step?  Hopefully MTV and TLC enter the fray so my wife can still enjoy her totally necessary TV shows about underage, pregnant, gypsy women drinking a lot and getting into a multitude of fights or something of those sorts, and I can finally join the cord cutting revolution.

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