CISPA passes the House, continues to threaten privacy

Published: April 22, 2013 10:30 AM /


You heard right, CISPA got past the House. With a vote of 288-127, the Bill has passed the House and moves onto the floor next. With a strongly Democratic senate, hopes are that the Bill will be topped in its tracks, allowing us to keep our freedoms on the web without worrying about whether our Facebook or Twitter accounts are being constantly monitored, both our public AND private posts and messages. The purpose of this post is to give you a bit more perspective on how much damage the Bill can to do our freedoms on the web. Here's a few of the highlights.

Your Employer can get complete access to your social media accounts

Yeah, you read right. If CISPA Passes the Senate (and let's hope the President can veto it if that happens), then your employer only has to request access to your account from Facebook, Twitter, etc. After that, they can see everything, no matter how personal or non work-related it is. Think that's fair? Well, Rep. Perlmutter agreed, and he got dismissed by the bill co-signer in a rather rude manner.

Your Email is no longer private

Although no one is really sure if this isn't already the case, CISPA allows companies such as Google, Yahoo, and various other email providers to share or sell your private information to other corporations as a way to "Work together". How does this help us stop bombs?

Your information is no longer your own

Remember the days where anything you put on the web, could essentially be yours? This includes backups, Dropbox secure files, and anything else your have stored, written, or saved. This wouldn't be the case any longer, as the "Sharing" aspect of the Bill would allow companies to share this as they wished. Guess it's time to set up a home backup? (Don't worry, keep following Tech Raptor, and I'll show you how)

  This invasive, privacy shattering Bill is a threaten to freedom and expression on the World Wide Web. The corporate lackeys (And I say this because many changed their vote after IBM paid them a visit) of Washington want to control everything that they can, under the premise of  "protecting Americans". It's a power grab. They can't control the internet or the people who are on it, so why not filter and manage it as best they can? We NEED to speak up, and tell our representative and Senators, that this isn't what we want! If you spend any time on the web, now is the time to tell our government that this is not OK. See below for some links on who voted for/against CISPA, and ways to contact your state's representatives. CISPA Vote Count Contact Your Rep Full CISPA Bill  

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