Apple's iOS 10 Already Adopted By 50% of iOS Users

Published: October 12, 2016 8:37 AM /



It has only been a very short while since Apple released their next big milestone in iOS development. Indeed, it has been only a short 29 days since the update was pushed to non-developers and iOS 10 has since gone on to be installed on 54% of all active iOS devices.

This news comes from a handy pie chart that Apple has posted on their official developer hub on their website. This chart shows that 38% of the active users are still on iOS 9, with a small fraction of users sticking to an older version of Apple's mobile operating system. While the adoption rate of iOS 10 has been noticeably high, it's certainly not the quickest: iOS 9 managed to reach the 50% update mark with just 4 days. While the latest snapshot by Apple has been taken a mere 5 days ago, that percentage might very well be higher at the time of writing this.

iOS 10 sports an eerily similar look with iOS 9, with most new features being quality of life changes in iOS 10. The new update added new functionality to the built-in messages app like stickers, a complete Apple Music redesign, more tools to take advantage of all your smart devices in your home, and added a new customizable widget screen that allows you to see your most important content without having to unlock the phone. The system's predictive text also got a bit of an upgrade and is now able to learn phrases you commonly use, giving you the option of selecting the phrase instead of typing it out. An oft-requested complaint from users have also been heard: you are now able to hide the standard Apple apps, making organizing your home screen a lot less of a hassle than it used to be.

Quick Take

While far from the most substantial update they've ever done, this iOS manages to iterate on the previous version while still giving you a few new settings and features to play around with. Definitely my favorite version of the OS so far. 

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