Anonymous hacks Israeli arms manufacturer

Published: April 23, 2015 11:38 AM /



Online hacker collective Anonymous has recently hacked the website of an Israeli arms manufacturer  This revelation come after login credentials and personal details of the sites customers were posted to  The victim of this attack, FAB-Defense, is an arms manufacturer and distributor based in Israel with worldwide clients.  The information posted online, which HackRead confirmed to be both accurate and not previously posted elsewhere, contained such compromising information as email passwords, names, addresses and even personal phone numbers.

This most recent attack has been a part of a larger ongoing campaign, known as 'OpIsrael', that has been in progress for about the last two years.  These initial attack were thought to be from a specific Arab sub-division of Anonymous, with notable attacks occurring on Holocaust Remembrance Day.  This year there has been a spike in Anonymous attacks towards Israel, as earlier this year Anonymous announced that they would be attacking Israeli servers between the 7th and the 20th of April.   The 7th of April, it should be noted, is the country of Israel's birthday.  During this two week period Anonymous leaked Paypal and Facebook login credentials, as well as defacing numerous Israeli websites, including the ministry of Agriculture.  In these attacks, Anonymous has been going after all things Israeli, not taking into consideration whether the websites where of the private sector or not, or whether the sites and users were politically active or not.

AnonGhost, another online hacker group, recently hacked numerous Israeli websites for credit card information, which they would later use to donate about $18,000 to pro-Palestinian charities.

It is unclear whether we will be seeing more Anonymous attacks against Israel this year, or if the hacker collective will move its sights on to a new target for now.

Is Anonymous becoming increasingly politically active?  If so, will their attacks have any kind of lasting effects?

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