Adobe taken off Ninite installer

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Adobe taken off Ninite installer

May 3, 2013

By: Rutledge Daugette


You heard it right, Adobe has requested and succeeded to have its programs removed from the list of programs that can be installed with Ninite. For those who don't know about Ninite, it is a simple installer program that allows you to choose a group of programs that you want installed, and will install them all at once, without the bloatware. The bloatware is what Adobe wants though, and is the main reason why they are removing themselves from the constantly growing list of programs that can be installed by Ninite. Learn More About Ninite

Ninite is a great tool for anyone who needs to install programs. Especially when it came to Adobe, which always has some form of bloatware (Ask, McAfee, etc) attached to its installers. With its silent installer, it downloads and installs any program you want, including Adobe (Well, not anymore), for free. Combine a Ninite Adobe installer, and you could program your computer to automatically update Adobe regularly without having to deal with the constant Adobe update pop ups.

The key to why Ninite is so important when it comes to Adobe and other programs, is that it is a solution to improve your security. Using Ninite to install and update programs ensures that you avoid the bloatware, and if you use Ninite Pro, you can use it to automatically update using it instead of the proprietary installers and updaters, improving your PCs security. The issue is that Adobe has a half-cocked way of updating, and even though it updates all the time, it still has security risks and bugs that occur, causing issues with your programs. Ninite's auto-updater had zero issues when it came to this, so the fact that Adobe has forced itself off of Ninite is just too bad.


Let's be honest, instead of removing yourselves from the program, why don't you hire him to fix your issues?

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