TechWeek Chicago 2014 - A talk with Christian Dawson about how the NSA spying will affect the Tech Industry

Published: July 8, 2014 9:00 AM /


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As a strong proponent of Internet privacy, security, and freedom - what the NSA is doing with backdoors in hardware and software, in addition to spying on the American people is wrong. We, as a community on the Internet (both in America and abroad), need to stand up much like we did when SOPA and PIPA were threatening our freedoms on the web. We had the pleasure of speaking with Christian Dawson from the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (I2Coalition for short) about how the actions of the NSA spying and American government allowing it to happen are effecting the Technology Industry negatively for US-based companies. Check it out below!

Obviously, we don't have an "end date" for a bill, or something that 100% tangible for us to work towards - which creates a real challenge for combatting the invasion of privacy that was revealed by Snowden. Let's focus less on Snowden and what he brought to the attention of the world, and instead focus on getting good leadership elected at the end of this year - leadership that cares more about our privacy and keeping technology jobs in America.

If you're interested in getting involved, stay tuned for our list of legislators who are pushing for reform of the NSA who are running for office in 2014. Go ahead and check out the Internet Infrastructure Coalition's website as well, and we highly recommend interested businesses get involved with them!

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