TechWeek Chicago 2014 - Get the news you want with Rivet News Radio

Published: July 9, 2014 12:54 PM /



In recent years, it would appear that a lot of people have issues with attention span - with Twitter's 140 characters and Buzzfeed's GIF posts dominating many generations' feeds and emails. With that said, where does standard news fall? News agencies are still churning out great news and videos, but it's in the standard format - forcing readers to read full articles or watch and listen to a few hours of news. But Rivet News Radio, an iOS news app, seeks to change that with short and customized news segments.

Rivet News Radio is a fresh idea for people that want their news without having to waste their time reading, listening to fluff, or listening to things they don't even care about. Based in Chicago, the team currently creates their own content for users to listen to, and they are beginning to pull from other news sources in order to get more coverage around the world. The beauty of the app, as we talk about in our interview, is that you can 100% customize the news you listen to by selecting tags and categories as well as locales (more to be added in the future!). We sat down with a few members of the team at TechWeek Chicago to get the details!

We're excited to see how this expands over time, and those of us who don't use iOS devices can't wait to have the opportunity to listen in on Android. If you're a busy person, but still want to be able to get the news bits you're interested in, we highly recommend you check it out for your commute into work or just when you're hanging out on the porch!

Grab the app on the App Store here!


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