PC Gaming Gift Guide: Awesome Peripherals!

Published: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 11:00 | By: Ben Kuyt

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After Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc., you may not have been able to find the PC gamer in your life something they might enjoy and use on a daily basis. We're gonna help you do that, just to make shopping a little bit easier. So if you need a gift for the hardcore gamer in your life, or even something just for yourself, take some of these recommendations into consideration. Take a look at our PC Gaming Gift Guide for some awesome ideas for yourself or loved ones.


1. Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1TB External HDD

Everyone can use more hard drive space, whether it be business people, gamers, or students. The WD My Passport is an excellent, small external HDD, perfect for on the go.

Why is it good for gamers?

It's great for gamers because it allows them to bring all their favourite games, save files, mods, etc., around with them, whether it be to a fellow gamer's house, a LAN party, or just another part of the house. It's so small that it can fit in your pocket and uses USB3.0, so while it may not give amazingly fast load times, it is fast enough to get into games on time. It's also good for consoles, as the Xbox One and Wii U can install games onto USB3.0 drives, and this drive gives plenty of space for tons of games.

2. Tt eSports Poseidon Z Blue Switch Keyboard

A good typing experience can really make your computing life better, and finding a good keyboard is a must. Thermaltake has a decent line of keyboards, good for gamers and typers.


Why is it good for gamers?

Many people highly recommend mechanical keyboards for gaming. While it's not needed, it certainly is a nice thing to have. Finding your own preference is good, with tons of different switches with different actuation points. Blue switches are a great starting point, not too heavy or light, and will give new mechanical users a good starting point. A great video you could watch is this one from Tek Syndicate.

3. Corsair Vengeance M65


Gaming mice are some awesome peripherals, and can benefit people no matter what genres of games they play. There are MMO mice, RTS mice, FPS mice, and the list goes on. The Corsair M65 is a good mouse for all of these, but you can find competitors for less.

Why is it good for gamers?

Gaming mice allow for more accurate aiming, smoother control, better durability, and better comfort. There three types of gaming mice, all depending on your grip. Some for controlling your mouse with your palm, some with your finger tips, some mice are made for both. The M65 can be used with palm and claw grips, but palm is usually what is recommended. It is a wonderful mouse, either way, but if you play games like League of Legends or DOTA2, an MMO mouse with hotkeys is recommended.

4. Superlux HD 681 Semi-Open Headphones

Most gaming headsets have to compromise a bit, so instead of buying Turtle Beaches or Razer headsets, just get a headset designed for music. Sound in games is definitely important, and while gaming headsets can sound better than speakers, an open backed headset almost always sounds better. Even non-gamers will enjoy these headphones, since they are relatively inexpensive but still sound great.

Why is it good for gamers?

Gamers like their sound. Whether it be keeping enemies from getting the drop on them from behind, or listening to an awesome soundtrack, good sound design can really improve a game. The best way to listen to the sounds of the game is with a headset like the HD 681. Open headphones are best for sound quality, but semi-open are fine for gaming as well, and help keep costs a bit lower, which is great around this time of year. If you wanted to add a mic to this headset or any other, the Modmic is an awesome sounding microphone for gamers, streamers, etc.


So there are four awesome ideas for gamers and PC enthusiasts alike. If you need a gift idea, all of these will keep any techy happy, and you'll be happy too since all these gifts are under $100. If you still need to find a gift idea, and none of these will do, consider a Steam Wallet Card or even an Amazon gift card. They allow the gamer to get what they want or need, and they'll be happy. Trust me. I hope this helps, and be sure to comment some other awesome gift ideas down below.

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