Last chance to defend Net Neutrality from the FCC - take action now!

Published: July 17, 2014 10:55 AM /


Net Neutrality

It seems like the battle for Net Neutrality will never end, right? Either way, we have to stand up and fight for an open internet, because if the FCC's proposal stands - the way we are able to use the internet will change drastically - forever. Like being able to go to all of your favorite sites at the same speeds? If so, you should be commenting on the proposal.

Cable companies have become famous because of their high prices and poor services, with many being ranked as the worst companies in America. Yet, they are allowed to lobby the government for more control over the internet. This new bill would allow them to charge websites fees, and if they don't pay, slow them to a crawl. That's right, if they required TechRaptor, NerdyRaptor, IGN, and more to pay them "tolls" and we couldn't afford, or didn't want to pay - then they would slow us down to a stop. That's just not right.

The internet isn't cable, and shouldn't be treated as such. Websites shouldn't have to negotiate deals in order to be on the internet. If cable companies win, and this proposal passes - it can and will destroy what makes the internet great. We have to stand up to the FCC, and defend our rights to a free and open internet. Defend Net Neutrality!

If you don't fully understand what is going on, John Oliver will explain it to you quite comically:

Here's what you can do to stop this. Visit Battle For the Internet, and submit your comment by midnight on Friday, July 18th. Spread this post and the word, tweet about #NetNeutrality, make sure you get the word out. We stopped SOPA and PIPA before, and we can stop this too! The more people that work together to stop this, the more likely it is that we will.


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