Google Play Update Allows You To Upload Up To 50,000 Songs

Published: February 27, 2015 9:15 AM /


Google Music

Google-Play-MusicIn a big leap from the previous limit, Google Play will allow you to upload 50,000 songs to their cloud service for streaming or downloading on your phone. tablet, or computer, according to the Android Official Blog. This is up from 20,000 songs from before the update. This update was initiated on February 25th 2015. I personally don't think I have even listened to 50,000 songs altogether, let alone liked 50,000 enough to add to a collection, but if you are a music lover, this is good news for you!

Google Play music gives you subscription access to over 30 million songs, so this update is a blessing to music lovers from all over, and puts them ahead in the music streaming competition. They are so far the only music streaming service that allows you to upload 50,000 songs free of charge, although you can buy a subscription service for 10 dollars a month to allow you to listen to music completely ad-free. If you do not buy the subscription service then you can still use the cloud storage, which allows you to upload songs from iTunes or from your computer into the cloud, or you have the option to buy songs from the Google Play Store, in which a wide variety of songs are available free of charge.

In terms of upload numbers without charge, this puts Google's music locker ahead of sites like iTunes, Amazon Music, Xbox Music, and even Spotify. But this is just the latest that Google has added to its arsenal. Last October Google inherited Songza, which allows for users for pick music based off of scenarios that they may be in, such as working out, studying, etc. Not only that, but in November Google started the YouTube Music Key, which allows for ad-free music, and offline playback of music on YouTube so you can play it in the background on your mobile device. Showing that Google might be just about have a monopoly on the music streaming industry.

But what do you think? Are you happy that Google has decided to up their music storage by an extra 30,000 slots? Or do you think this is more of a gimmick?


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