Sony Presents 'Project Morpheus'

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Let the games begin (Bane voice). Sony shook the tech world with the announcement of their new VR headset. With Oculus Rift getting most of the screen time lately. Sony wanted to dip their feet in this next generation of technology.

Maybe  Sony’s just hopping on the VR bandwagon now that Oculus has sparked a bit of popularity: according to Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, they’ve been tinkering with VR prototypes ever since they started working on the Playstation Move back in 2009. Back then, though, they were literally duct taping move controllers to their heads. In 2010, they created an internal group just for VR.

Sony VR Headset

Yoshida was quick to point out that the prototype hardware, pictured above, isn't final. Below is a list of specs that were laid out by the company.

Specs (As Of Now)

  • 1080p display
  • 1000Hz motion detection
  • Only one headset at a time is supported
  • Headset is currently connected to the PS4 by a 5-meter wire
  • Positional/rotational head tracking
  • Tracking is handled by the same camera that tracks PS4 Move controllers
  • It works for people with glasses
  • Content pushed to the Morpheus can be mirrored to a TV, but it sounds like it can handle asymmetric gameplay (different things on each screen) as well.
  • An “Open air” design prevents the lenses from fogging up. (It’ll be interesting to see how they prevent light leaking in.

Sony is very excited to jump into VR it seems. Let us hope that developers are as eager as Sony is. This could truly be the next evolution in gaming and it gets me pumped as a gamer. What do you think? Another gaming slump? Sound off in your comments below!

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