PSN Stays Offline, Internet Erupts With #WakeUpSony

Published: December 27, 2014 7:06 PM /


PlayStation Network Offline

As tensions rise with Sony's inability to provide service for tens of millions of gamers a new hashtag has gone viral on Twitter expressing frustration over the PlayStation Network remaining offline. With the help of Anonymous, on Twitter gamers that have been angered with Sony's slow response in restoring the PlayStation Network have created the hashtag "WakeUpSony".

In response to the PlayStation Network and the accompanying online services provided by it being offline for the last few days a Sony spokesperson has posted a short entry on the PlayStation blog regarding surges of consumer usage during the holiday season. The entry asks users unable to use the service to contact a support account on Twitter. The hacker group Lizard Squad took Sony's PlayStation Network, along with Microsoft's Xbox Live service, offline earlier in the week. The hacker group has had the time to do interviews with the press after the attack but the video game service remains offline. Due to the perception that Sony has mishandled one of the most recent series of attacks a new hashtag on Twitter calling for the company to correct the technical issues and get the PlayStation Network back online has gone viral. The Twitter hashtag is a mixture of gamers expressing their frustration over being unable to use the console service, mockery of Sony's perceived ineptness in fixing an essential part of their platform, and general distrust of the video game industry for being seemingly unable to combat cyber attacks.

Sony has experienced an onslaught of cyber attacks in the last few weeks. Following more than three weeks Sony has done damage control as the result of many embarrassing breaches of sensitive documents and attacks on services. These attacks include the original loss of tens of thousands of private employee documents, the leak of several movies, the near total security breach in system passwords, and the reveal of infighting over the screenplay for the upcoming James Bond film, Spectre. This most recent attack on Sony's PlayStation Network continues to show the vulnerabilities of online gaming services. It has been only two days since Christmas and many gamers have been unable to play the console titles given to them as gifts. If you need a break from the waiting take a look around Twitter for some amusing memes regarding the slurry of cyber attacks. One such example has been included below.

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