E3 2016: Square Enix Partners with Open Bionics

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E3 2016: Square Enix Partners with Open Bionics

June 8, 2016

By: Don Parsons


Square Enix announced today in their Deus Ex stream that they are partnering with Open Bionics as they have helped promote bionics technology. The partnership is bringing Adam Jensen's arm out as it's headline product to showcase and promote, and presently have a semi-functional prototype that needs further work. 


One of the biggest things that they are doing with this is that the arm will be open source so that people can download and print with a 3D printer. Additionally, Square Enix is partnering with Intel Real Sense Division and Razer Starsense Division to build a biotic arm that can mirror a person's movement so that those with two limbs can have something sort of freaky and neat in their homes in the future. 

Deus Ex Biotic Arm


As more information about this partnership emerges we'll keep you up-to-date!

Don Parsons
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