Nick's Untitled Weekly Wrap Up 8/7/16

No Mans Sky Day 1 DLC

Nick's Untitled Weekly Wrap Up 8/7/16

August 7, 2016

By: Nick Maillet


This week we're reminded once again that videogames and tech can't go at least seven days without fumbling its way into the mainstream media headlines. I've got your weekly dose of Pokemon GO nightmares, Apple's need to save us from our digital guns, No Man's Sky rustles some jimmies, and a footballer abandons his shot at becoming a real FIFA champion to play the realest of sports.  Before reading I suggest you pop on some headphones, open this song in another, and get ready for another disastrous weekly wrap up. 


The Headlines That Make Us Think

NY to Ban Pokemon Go from Sex Offenders

I'm going to be sad when Pokemon GO dies out in two weeks and we stop hearing about all of these world changing events. So in honor of the good things our lord and savior Pikachu has brought the world, I'm going to go over some highlights from the last month.  

Pokemon GO has given us a new way to burn calories and make like-minded friends, sun burns, robberies, stabbings, a reason to buy a portable charger, corpse discoveries, auto wrecks, shootings, good sportsmanship, and true investigative journalism.  Pikachu-Hopes-Its-Trainer-Will-Wake-Up-Sooner-Or-Later-In-Sad-Pokemon-Art-1


Nike Didn’t Design Its Insane $1,200 Sunglasses for Mortals

Of course they didn't, no mere mortal man can wear wrap around shades and survive in public. Glasses like this are only reserved for the few of us who can handle the responsibility that comes with looking as cool as the Kool-Aid man. mosaic13123e31f5524af2916be7104df00e03e4f22b80_00000

No Man's Sky Fans Are Having A Meltdown Over Leaked Copies

Its kinda ironic that they would write that. Either way spoilers suck and are not cool, unless you were me last December and wanted to talk to a girl about Star Wars a day early because you were bored on a plane. File Aug 05, 8 54 40 PM


Apple replaces the pistol emoji with a water gun

I just wanna give a shout out to Apple for fucking up my emoji game, because if you know me in the real world (let's hope you don't) my most used emojis are ? and ?  Thanks Apple! 


Wendell Lira: Fifa award winner retires from football to focus on video game career

The man responsible for the greatest kick that gave a point to the shittiest team on earth is now leaving my favorite non autosport to play videogames all day.  Some people lead the best lives. 




The Rest

The Man Behind the Pokemon Crime Wave   Prepare for trouble ...

This Fertility App Is a Jackpot for Stalkers   Back in my day we used Myspace.

Mysterious Smiley Face Appears in Hawaiian Volcano During Eruption   Whose evil lair was that?


Teen Crashes Car Into School While Playing 'Pokemon Go'    There is a hell—believe me I've seen it.

Abbotsford woman drops phone out of plane — it lands in Stanley Park unscathed  I, too, have fallen over in this park after a few too many.


Indie Nightmares

Which Passover Plague are You?

Our bad games expert Samuel recommended that I play this fine use of my limited time left on this earth, so naturally I complied. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to actually work, so instead of reviewing the contents of the game I'll leave you with this lighthearted but tragic story of a boy who discovered that cosplay wasn't meant for him.  Start listening at 7:50.



Internet Killed the Video Star

Something We Can All Agree On



Final Thoughts

By this time next week we'll all be playing No Man's Sky until the end of humanity, or severely disappointed. Either way we're one step closer to the summer ending and the best season of them all beginning.  Remember, do something cool for someone now so you can feel superior to them in the future.  Until next time ♥