Microsoft Bringing HoloLens to E3

Published: April 29, 2015 10:24 PM /


Microsoft HoloLens

E3 is June 16-18 in Los Angeles this year, and thanks to their recently updated website, Microsoft has confirmed they will be bringing HoloLens along with them to the convention.

HoloLens is Microsoft's foray into Augmented Reality (AR). AR is when you have a view of the real-world environment and your view is "augmented" by computer-generated graphics, sound, or video. This is different the the plethora of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets that companies like Oculus, Valve, Samsung, and Sony are developing. In a VR headset your entire world view is covered by the headset and you are shown an entirely virtual world.

Today at their Build Developer Conference Microsoft showed off some HoloLens demos.  The first showed how a normal consumer could use HoloLens in their home showing off the video player, Skype, and Microsoft Edge. The demo showed how you can pin them to walls in your house, or have them follow you around as you move throughout your house.

The next demo showed off the educational applications of HoloLens. The demo showed how HoloLens could be used to teach people about the human body, picking specific body parts to separate from the body and focus on, and going through the different layers of the human body from musculature, skeleton, and cardiovascular system. If these demos were in fact true live demos then Holo Lens is looking to be a pretty revolutionary piece of technology reminiscent of Tony Stark's lab in Marvel movies.

With these demos we are getting a taste of what HoloLens is capable of. With HoloLens coming to E3 we will hopefully get a look at the gaming capabilities of HoloLens and what we can look forward to when HoloLens is finally released. You can check out Microsoft's HoloLens YouTube channel HoloLens YouTube Channel to check out the hardware of HoloLens.

What do you think of HoloLens so far? How do you think Microsoft will use it in regards to video games?

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