battle for the grid

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid has received a sizable update today. This free Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid update includes a story mode, new stages, and voiceovers from many of the original

battle for the grid gameplay trailer

A Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid gameplay trailer has been released and it's looking pretty good! A trailer for the game leaked back in January and was subsequently confirmed as the genuine


Hasbro has teamed up with Netflix to produce a Dungeons and Dragons starter set featuring characters, adventures, and locations from the hit show Stranger Things. The set will include character

new power rangers game battle for the grid

Update: It appears that the new Power Rangers game is indeed a genuine product! The website for Battle for the Grid is now live. The game will be making its way to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and


The next time you're thinking of ordering a pizza, you might want to consider the Monopoly Pizza Board Game. Or maybe, eat some pizza while you're playing a game about pizza. My favorite part about

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In a news article released yesterday, Wizards of the Coast announced changes to their Friday Night Magic promotional card program, ditching their current, long-running tradition of foil, alternate-

Wizards of the Coast logo

In an article released today by Chris Tulach, Wizards of the Coast announced a series of changes to their in-store Magic: The Gathering play program. While the article detailed such changes as the

Amonkhet art 2

With the release of every new Magic: The Gathering set comes speculation on what the obligatory rare land cycle will look like. Wizards of the Coast has thoroughly explored rare land cycles

Amonkhet art 1

Spoilers for the seventy-fourth Magic: The Gathering set, Amonkhet, have slowly begun surfacing from Wizards of the Coast and affiliated preview outlets. Among these spoilers include the Amonkhet