Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Still looking around for free games to acquire? Well, look no further because Iratus: Lord of the Dead-a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG-is the last free game being given away during the last few

Lead And Gold Gangs of the Wild West

Updated: Fatshark has tweeted that the giveaway has proven very popular. Expect to wait 24 hours or so to get your key.


Saturday, November 7th is Extra Life's Game Day 2015. Gaming enthusiasts from around the world will be coming together in order to support Extra Life, and this year TechRaptor will be joining the

Just Cause 3

Things have been interesting when it comes to Square Enix's promotions regarding the anticipated Just Cause 3. When you're offering an island as part of a giveaway, that's taking things to the next